Giant Causeway

Today Max, Dominik, René, Philipp and I went to the Giant Causeway. Philipp bought the tickets online for the tour therefore, was no stress this morning. At 9 o’clock 15 it started and before, I met

with Dominik and Max to drive with them to downtown. After we noticed that we stood at the wrong bus stop we found the right one. The ride took about two hours. As we arrived at Causeway we walked together to the coast and… wow! We couldn’t see the Giang Causeway but just the view was amazing! We followed a path, the coast down to the Giant Causeway and there they were. The hexagonal stones. Besides, it was very windy I started to walk on the stones to the open sea. Too bad the weather was to cold for a bath.

After that the tour went on to the Bushmills distillery and no, I haven’t tried anything! Long ago I once tried the Bushmills but I personally like other whiskeys more. Because there wasn’t much to see I decided to buy some little things in the supermarket next door.

It went on to the next goal, the Carrick-a-Rede rope bridge. At this point I have to praise the bus driver! He drove as much as possible along the coast and told us interesting things about all this. A few times he even stopped the bus for us, so we had the opportunity to take some pictures. Generally there was a good mood in the bus.

Arrived at the bridge we walked together along the coast to get to the rope bridge. However we didn’t go over the bridge because it would have cost us extra, but here the view was divine! That is exactly what I miss in Germany receptively in Berlin. The free nature in which you can move freely!

Since pictures can say more than a long text you have the opportunity to watch some here. Have fun dreaming!