Trip to Dublin

On Saturday we decided to go to Dublin. At 6 o’clock in the morning it was time to leave the bed. I quickly took a shower and then I and Jamie were ready to take the bus to the City Centre, where we met with our colleagues. Everybody arrived very early and it was time to enter the Bus. The bus ride took about 2 and a half hour. We saw some beautiful landscape of both Northern Ireland and Ireland. Because I had to be awake so early I decided to sleep a little bit. Finally after the 2 and a half hour we arrived in Dublin. The first thing what we have done was to get information about a hop on hop off tour. Unfortunately it was bit too expensive, so we decided against it. We started to get hungry and went to a Burger King to eat some Burgers. I don’t know why but since I am in this country I met many strangers who just for the fun of it started talking with me. The locals here are really friendly. We went down the street and took some pictures because some houses looked really cool. The next stop was a University where we took a short break and afterwards we went to a park. We thought about what we could do next and I decided to visit the Guinness Factory. My colleagues followed me. Our trip took about a half an hour before we arrived. I thought that the guided tour is an extra part, but we saw a lot of people standing in the line which was only for the guided tour. There was no entry to try only a fresh Guinness from the brewery. We decided to search a near pub to try Guinness. It really tasted different between the Guinness that we had before in Belfast. When we finished we went to a Korean restaurant where we bought Ramen. It was really delicious and I enjoyed it. After that we slowly walked back to the bus stop to get home. Interestingly we saw an Arcade where some of us wanted to get in. We had about half hour until the bus would come. So we went in and I played with the coin pusher. I lost some money but the fun was worth every penny.  We took the bus and went home again.