My first day at work

Even before the day really started, I was pretty excited about what will happen to me today. I got up shortly before 8:00 am. I took a shower and ate a snack for breakfast. Full of energy, I want to go now, but it was only 8.30 … So I had plenty of time before I could go. After a quick thought about what I should do now, I decided to get my laptop out and read some blog posts from the others. About an hour later, I was on my way to my new workplace. „My first day at work“ weiterlesen

Meeting with Interneurope

Today we met at 10 a.m. at the Interneurope office to get some information about our stay. First, we were introduced to the city of Belfast with a small video. Furthermore, we got a lot of information what we have to pay attention to, what rules we should follow and what we can do in our spare time. After we clarified a few more formalities, we were led around in the city. On the tour we got some more tips on how we can spend our free time, in an inexpensive way. Finally we arrived at translink, where you could buy a ticket for the bus and the train. „Meeting with Interneurope“ weiterlesen

Exploration tour

On Monday, 02.04.2018, we had free and this meant for me to sleep long. For breakfast there was cereal and the leftovers of our spaghetti from the day before. After Jennifer, Phi and I have finished our breakfast we went to the Tesco Store near us. We There we bought minced meat for meatballs, fries and salad. After our little shopping trip we invited Giang, Son, Tim and Omar for dinner at 18 pm o’clock. „Exploration tour“ weiterlesen