Natural History Museum of Belfast and Afternoon Tea

Today is Sunday and the weather is good. What could be better than going to a museum? Honestly, certainly, but I Am looking forward. On time at 8:30 am we met at the Ulster Museum, which is placed in the Botanical Garden. From the outside, the building looked relatively old, but it was modern inside designed. „Natural History Museum of Belfast and Afternoon Tea“ weiterlesen

Giant causeway tour

Today, the Giant causeway tour, organized by Interneurope, took place. That’s why it was time to get up early because we had to be at the bus at 9:30 am. Our tour took us along the coast of Northern Ireland, making a quick stop at the King William III Monument and then driving through seven out of nine „Glens of Antrim“ (These are small villages located on the eastern coast of Northern Ireland). After we stopped for a snack, we arrived at the main attraction: „The Giant Causeway“. There we climb the hills and mountains, enjoying the landscape. Together with Son, I also went on the unofficial way to get the perfect view. „Giant causeway tour“ weiterlesen

Visit the cinema

Day by day I am getting more and more used to living here in Belfast, and my everyday life is getting more structured again. Since I discovered an offer at Tesco called „Meal Deal“, which includes a main course (for example, Sandwiches or Noodle salad), a drink and a dessert for £3. That’s why I usually go shopping before going to work. „Visit the cinema“ weiterlesen

Food and the Preacher

Today the 2nd part of my birthday party started early compared to my usual Saturdays since I’ve been here. I had to get up to meet Son and Giang at the Asia supermarket because we need to buy some groceries for today’s planned lunch/dinner. They had a lot in their minds. Of course, I didn’t have to suffer alone that’s why I took Phi with me. He is also a late riser like me.

The Asia market isn’t far away from my accommodation. It was refreshing to go for a walk in the morning. The shop is a vast hall, where one side, they store the products in large amounts, and on the other side of the building, they sell the products there. I helped them with finding the needed ingredients. Sometimes it was confusing because to have five different sorts of wheat noodles. Or some staff members don’t understand what we wanted to buy. „Food and the Preacher“ weiterlesen

Today is my birthday

Today is Friday, the 13th of April. This is a very special day for me because I was born exactly 20 years ago.

Even before the day even started, I got the first congratulations and punctually at 0:00 clock I was called by Son and Giang, which also congratulate me.

After sleeping for a few more hours, Jenny, which prepared a whole plate of pancakes for me, woke me up in the morning. After I had eaten some pancakes, I went to the workplace. There I got to know a new employee, whom I had not seen before, and then I was allowed to go home again at 2 pm. „Today is my birthday“ weiterlesen

New Tasks

Today is the 11.04.2018 and I got a new job at work. My task is it now to create an online shop, which can be managed with WordPress. The website should not be a normal online shop, because it will be equipped with products from Amazon. In detail its based on the Amazon Affiliate Program and its API. Thus, you can shop on the company’s website, but you do not notice that you actually buy products from Amazon.

Before I could start, I had to inform myself about many things. For example how I should design the website, which customer area should be addressed and of course the technical background.

At the end of the day I managed to get the majority of the information I need and even made the basic configuration of the Ubuntu server (for those of you who are familiar with the topic, I basically did a LAMP installation).

Work and power failure

Since some interesting things have happened at my workplace today I would like to tell you something about it. The day started already with a small surprise. In our small startup we now have another student who spends her internship abroad in Belfast. However, because she lives in the same accommodation as me since three days, we didn’t saw us for the first time. After we get our tasks for the day, John left us for the rest of the day. Since we were now alone John left me his number, in case something unexpected happens.
„Work and power failure“ weiterlesen

St. George’s Market and sightseeing

After a short night we got up early to visit St. George’s Market. On the market there were many small stalls, which offered a variety of products. From old junk to the most delicious sweets, everything was represented.

Unfortunately, the hall was smaller than expected and had all seen after just after an hour. „St. George’s Market and sightseeing“ weiterlesen

Explore the city

Even history has to be. In the early afternoon we decided to go to the city center today. At 3 pm we met in front of the City Hall. The City Hall of Belfast was built at the beginning of the 20th century and meanwhile serves as a museum. Since the entrance was free, we decided to go in and spend a little bit of time with the history of the city. In one room there was a throne on which one could sit down to take some pictures. Due to some backgrounds, which I will explain in more detail another time, I was forced to put on the robe and sit on the throne. „Explore the city“ weiterlesen

Friday and Food

Today I continued to work on the marketing of Amazon products. However, I did not much work because I had to leave earlier due to the Interneurope meeting. Since almost everyone was very reserved at the meeting, this was already finished after a short time.


After that we decided to have dinner together. We split into small groups to prepare for the evening. Giang, Jenny, Son and Tim went shopping, Robert and Guiliano got card games and Phi and I went home and cleaned up. We decided to do summer roles. After spending several hours preparing we could finally eat. I have never eaten summer rolls before, but they were delicious!


After dinner we first played the card game „Der Große Dalmuti“ and then until late in the evening UNO and “Tabletop Simulator”.


Sommer rolles