A Nice Saturday

On Saturday Steven and I met with Gunnar, Julius and Dustin in a park not far from where they live. After a 35 minutes bus ride we arrived but first couldn’t find the basketball court but after ten minutes we eventually found it and played some basketball.

After we were finished playing basketball we sat in the grass and started playing some football and afterwards we went to a nearby shop called „Nisa“ where we got ourselves some drinks.

Whilst Steven and I got ourselves a Turkish lamb kebab and sat down on a bench together with Dustin, Gunnar and Julius went home. After some time Thore came and we just had to wait for Gunnar to come back.

When he came back we all went back to the park where we had some drinks, listened to music and played some more football where I unfortunately injured one of my fingers a bit because I didn’t catch the ball properly.

I don’t really remember at what time exactly but after some time we eventually all went home.


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