The trip back

My roommate and I packed a few last things and then met up with two other students to have a last British breakfast. After that our host mother drove us to the Greenwhich centre where we were supposed to wait for the bus to take us to the Airport.

To our surprise no one of Twin awaited us at the centre, so we just waited for someone to show up.
After a while, some of the group went looking for the bus or someone from Twin. They came back with a smile on their faces and told us that the bus was already waiting for us just around the corner.

That was at 14 o’clock. Our flight went at 19 o’clock.

It took about an hour until we arrived at the airport. So just another 3 hours to spend until the gate opens and then another hour until we depart.


When we then finally arrived in Berlin I had the option to either go via public transport, which would take me about one and a half hours, or take a taxi which is fairly expensive.
As I was tired and didn’t want to go by bus with all my luggage I just took a taxi. To my surprise the driver (at least said so) gave me a discount as London was already expensive enough.


After these two months I can safely say: I would visit London again, just not for any longer than a weekend.

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