The last days!

Today I went out as usually. I need around 45 minutes to get to my workplace. Normally, I leave my house around 8am because I have to be there at 9am, considering every day is a buffer of around 15 minutes. Normally, I don’t need this time, but today an accident happened with the bus in front of mine. The bus in front crashed with another car. This was a very small road so there was a fast and huge traffic jam. I asked my bus driver, if he can open the door for me. The bus driver opened the door and I could walk to the next bus stop. When I saw the crashed bus, I was a bit shocked. The windshield from the bus was completely cracked and the rear window from the car was no longer there, but I kept walking and ignored it because the police were already there.

Luckily, I arrived directly in time at my workplace. I continued programming as usual, I fixed the last bugs that were left and tomorrow I have a meeting with my colleague to finally present my project.

I ended my day as usual with a workout. Overall a basic day and I’m looking forward to my flight on Saturday.

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