Everyday something new, today a fire

Today began my last week in the United Kingdom. I started my work as usual with my programming tasks. Finally now, I fixed many bugs and the program is running perfectly. I still have some small problems but I will debug them tomorrow.

In the evening I went out for my daily workout, but before that I went to a supermarket and got an apple and an apple juice as little snack, to get some energy. After around 30 minutes of workout, Ben joined me.

We also met there some other guys who were working out and we had some conversations with them. This way I could finally improve my English skills.

Later we smelled something it was the smell from burning woods. After around 5 more minutes, we heard some fire fighter cars. Directly next to our park passed 3 fire fighter cars too, then we also saw the smoke. Not even far away from my host family something was burning. The problem was solved very quickly by the firefighters, so I didn’t even knew which house exactly was burning.

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