What a letdown

Today, I started my day as ordinarily. When I showed up at my work, I started directly with a meeting/Introduction for my colleague. The presentation was about my program which I was developing in the last few weeks.

My colleague was quite happy about the result, the program was exactly doing what he expected from it.

Later, my other colleague joined our conversation. He got more requirements for the program, regrettably I couldn’t develop these features anymore because of the lack time.

When another developer would want to finish this one, then it will be not so hard for that person because I provided a strong documentation where the program and my API is recorded.

Another problem is that now one of my programs that I have developed can’t provide one important feature because the API from the website is not supporting this function.

Maybe some of my programs are now useless and the work was senseless.

In the evening, I went as usual out for my workout. This time nothing special happened around me, finally!

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