A Weekend with my Family

I spent this weekend with my family who came to visit me here in London.

On Saturday we got up a bit earlier to go to the Borough Market next to the Shard and London Bridge there are a lot of food stalls on this market and everything looked very delicious but unfortunately it was pretty expensive there so I tried only one thing and that was a Salted Beef Sandwich which was very spicy because of the mustard. After the market we walked over the Tower Bridge to the Tower of London from where we took the train to Embankment to go on the London Eye. We got on the Eye very quick because it wasn’t very full and the view from the Eye was amazing because the weather was very good. From the London Eye we went to North Greenwich to take a ride on the cable car that is going over the Thames it was surprisingly cheap, for just 3.50 £ you could one way to the other side with your Oyster card. On the other side we found a pub directly at the water. We enjoyed a couple of drinks and then went back to hotel. After our dinner my girlfriend and I decided to go to the cinema again and see the third John Wick movie John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum. My girlfriend are very big fans of the John Wick movie series and the third movie did not disappoint us, it was a very good movie and the action was very again too as expected.

For Sunday we just went to Stratford to go into the West Ham store and look for some merchandise after that we went into a bar to drink something a spend the last day with each other. From Stratford we drove to London Bridge to find a place with Wi-Fi so we could watch a football game on the phone. Because it was a second division game no pub or sports bar would show it. We found a pub next to the Borough Market with some very good Wi-Fi and watched the game while drinking something. After the pub I brought my family to the train station so they could take the train to Luton Airport.

It was a very good weekend with my family because I was very excited to see them again after a while.

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