Flying Back Home

Today was our very last day in London and I still needed to pack some things so I got up pretty early. I took a quick shower and then packed the rest into my luggage that was my dirty laundry from the last three days, some shoes, my „waschtasche“ and my towels. After I did that I brought down my luggage and then brought the trash from our room out together with my roommate Nickolas because it was a lot of trash. Afterwards we made ourselves some food and then watched some TV. The rest was just waiting until Max, our host father, brought us to the agency so we can take the bus to the airport from there. We left our host family some little presents as a thanks for the good and wonderful time we had in their house.

All in all I got very lucky with the whole trip and internship. I had a very very good internship at Intersys IT and a very very good managing director Simon who taught me a lot, I was very happy there and had a really good time. I am very grateful for the time there and the chance Simon gave me to learn something from him. And I am very very thankful that I could have such a great and wonderful host family that gave me so much freedom and did so much for me to make my stay as good as possible and it was even better than that because Eve and Max were two very loving and kindhearted persons who took care of us really really well and I definitely recommend these two if you want to stay in London for some time.

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