Our last Weekend in London

On our last weekend in London we wanted to celebrate a bit so we met up in a park to play some basketball and play a bit with a football. We in that case is Julius, Gunnar, Dustin, Nickolas and me. The park was near Gunnar’s and Julius’s place and needed around half an hour to get there with the bus and then ten more minutes to get to the basketball court. At the court we just had some shooting competitions because we weren’t really able to play against each other because the court was full of pieces of broken glass and if someone had fallen he would have got some cuts from the glass. After that we went to a nearby meadow and played a bit with a football. Later we went to a shop to get a couple of drinks and Nickolas and I got ourselves something to eat. While we were at the shop Julius went home and Thore joined us before we went to the park. We had a couple of drinks there, listened to music and played a bit football. All in all it was a funny evening and I had a lot of fun playing basketball and football with the guys.

I didn’t do much on Sunday, I just slept pretty long and watched some movies and Youtube videos.

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