A tricky powerful Machine

This Monday started with the installation of Windows 10 on the PC of my colleague but the anti-virus software made some problems before the installation. It wasn’t compatible with Windows 10 so it needed to be deinstalled but unfortunately my managing director lost the password for it and I had to go over a bit more complicated way. After I did that I started up the installation and let it install over the night. Then I went to a pub where some of colleagues and I got a couple of drinks.

On the next day I set up the Windows 10 and installed all the updates. After that I deinstalled the Office packet from the PC and installed Office 365 on it. I synced all the data from the 365-cloud with the PC and set up the rest of Office 365. The next problems started with Outlook because I wasn’t been able to log in as my colleague because the user didn’t have access to the credential manager. So after I tried to change the permissions on the credential folder I saw that Windows 10 made a new user for my colleague which was corrupting the original user. After I renamed that user everything was fine again. Then I just exchanged some RAM on some PCs and that was it for the day.

On Wednesday I installed Windows 10 on a new machine my colleague needed for a client after that I worked a bit more on that faulty machine from my other colleague, I installed some other necessary software and tried to fix that user problem.

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