Another Bank Holiday

Monday was free for me due to the bank holiday so I slept out after I showered myself and ate something Nickolas and I went to the Camden Market. We thought it would be fuller because of the bank holiday but it wasn’t that full so we got over the market pretty quick. At the end we just ate a pretty good burger on the market and then went back home.

On Tuesday I scanned the rest of the folders from last week after that I removed one hard drive from that machine from a colleague and put in a new SSD so I could clone the other hard drive with all the important data and the OS on to the SSD. After I cloned it I removed the hard drive and put the other hard drive back in with the SSD.

The Wednesday wasn’t that exciting because I just installed some software remotely on a PC and did some self-study.

It is just one and half week until we fly back to Germany and I am very excited to come back because I miss a lot of things.

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