The Server Days

I started this Monday with preparing the server for the client so I renamed the server and labelled the server with the new name and labelled the network ports after that I removed the cd tray from a similar server to put it in the server for the client, when I removed the cd tray I removed the hard drive case from similar server too because the one hard drive in the server didn’t had a hard drive case and was pretty easy to move in the server. The next thing was to install Teamviewer on the server so my company can manage the server remotely and then I installed all the updates the server needed.

On Tuesday I did the last check on the server if everything was alright, then I gathered all the cables together I needed to bring to the client with the server. Around half past ten my colleague picked me up with the car and we drove to the client where we installed the server. The server rack was a bit messy and we had to move the NAS to build in the server but after that was done everything went pretty quick and in the end we just did a connectivity test if everything was alright with the server connectivity and the general internet connectivity of the client. Everything was alright so I went back to the office. At home I just started to do my laundry and watched a movie about the hunt on Bonnie and Clyde.

On Wednesday I look into some over servers from the company which they didn’t use to see if everything was good with them and if we can use one of them for another client in the future.

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