4 Weeks done 4 Weeks to go

This weekend was a pretty unsuccessful because all the things Nickolas, Artin and I planned didn’t work out. We wanted to go to the Camden Market and after that back into city to find a pub where we could grab a couple of drinks.

It started to fail with the Camden Market because unfortunately Artin slept until 6 pm so we weren’t able to go to the Camden Market because it closes at 6 pm. But that wasn’t bad at all because we could still go into the city to grab some drinks. So Artin came to us and we took the train to Charing Cross and then made our way to Shake Shack where Artin got himself some dinner. After Shake Shack we went to the Ben and Jerry’s store so I could get myself a milk shake but to my disappointment the milk was already out and I couldn’t get my beloved milk shake. Afterwards we went to pub we already looked up before but we needed to be on guest list to get into pub which we weren’t so we headed into the next but they were already closing down so we decided to go to our usual pub where we always go. There we saw that we couldn’t get in because we needed to be at least 21 to get in because it was already after 7 pm so we decided to go home.

The Sunday was very calm again because I just watched some YouTube videos and put my shirts into the washing machine.

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