Intersys IT

I had my job interview on Wednesdays at Intersys IT in Twickenham and it worked out pretty good. My managing director Simon showed me the things I am going to do in the company for the next weeks. The people are very kind to me and I was very excited to start working in the company.

My first day was on Thursday and my first task was to unpack a PC and set it up for a client who was coming back out of maternity leave. So I installed all the required software the company needed to run it in their environment and set up a new user for the client. My colleagues were very interested in me and they asked a lot of questions about me and Berlin, they were so friendly to invite me for lunch on that day.

On the next day I started to install Microsoft Office on the PC and I delivered the PC to the client not far from our office. After that I set up the old PC the client gave us to check if everything is alright with it, I changed the ram and the PC didn’t want to boot up completely even though the ram was alright, so my managing director said I should wipe the PC completely and install a new Windows on it in the next week.

Today on Saturday I am going to the Westfield shopping centre in Stratford and buy myself a new pair of pants and some football tickets for West Ham United after I am going to watch the new Avengers Endgame in the cinema.

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