Second Week at Intersys IT

Yesterday my colleague gave me a laptop from his friend so I could change the hard drive to an SSD and install Windows 10 on it, during the installation I started the wiping and formatting of two hard drives. After the installation and configuration of Windows 10 on that one laptop I started to check on others laptops if it’s possible to upgrade them with some more RAM.

Today I started to wipe and format some hard disks too and then started to sort and label a closet full with cables and network hardware. For lunch I wanted to go to a German bakery that is not far from my office but unfortunately it was closed even for the whole week so I went to a local supermarket and got myself a sandwich. A colleague gave me a strawberry for trying and it was very delicious and very sweet which I didn’t expect because all the German strawberries are always so sour and then my colleague said that the best strawberries come from Great Britain. After the break I went back to work to label and sort the closet.

Tomorrow I am going to rework the cable management in one of the offices so it looks more clean and tidy.

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