The End of the Second Week at Intersys IT

My Friday started a bit stressful because my train was stuck in congestion and so I missed connecting train in Waterloo but luckily the next train came just 5 minutes later but that train takes a bit longer to get to Twickenham where I work.

At work I started to clean all the PCs and laptops in my office and then label them with their correct name. After that I cleaned and sorted a closet in my office so I could make some space for the hardware from my office. During the cleaning I started an installation for Microsoft Office 365 on a PC my managing director brought from a client.

Next week we are going back to that client and install Windows 10 on some PCs because they are still running on Windows 7 and we are going to set up a new server where my managing director is going to show me how to set up a RAID-System.

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