May Day Bank Holiday and Hyper-V

As always I start my week with the latest episode of Game of Thrones it was a good episode especially after the last episode which I didn’t like so much because in my opinion a lot of things just didn’t make sense and were very illogical without spoiling anything. After the episode I went back to bed to get some sleep luckily it was bank holiday so could sleep how long I want. We did the rest of our laundry on that day and then just watched some shows or movies.

On Tuesday I started my work with installing a new hard drive and some new RAM in a PC so I could install a new Windows 10 on it. After the installation I reworked the cable management in the other office so it looks better under the table and no one steps on the cables anymore, I put four screws into the table so the power distributors is screwed to the table from the bottom. Then my managing director showed me how you make a virtual machine out of a running PC and then implement that into Hyper-V, he showed me that so I can set up a test environment for Microsoft learning course. Later he sent the virtual machine to a client in the USA so they can use it. On the way home I met with Nickolas and Artin and we went into the pub here in Catford.

Today was a pretty calm day at work and were wasn’t really a lot to do so I just did some self-study besides the installation of Windows 10 on a new laptop for the company. After the work I went to pub again with Nickolas and Artin.

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