My Review so far

It’s been over 3 weeks that I’m here and I have to say some things are very cool and of course certain things are not so good, in my opinion. The first positive thing about London is my host family, okay I just have a host mother, but she is very friendly and she always gives her best that we feel very comfortable here. Also some sightseeing in the United Kingdom are very breathtaking, but the thing that I don’t like is it has a lot of people here (tourists). It’s overwhelming.

Of course as expected, London is very expensive but we knew this before so most of us saved money for this internship. Also my workplace is great, my colleagues are very friendly, my tasks are affordable for me and I’m not under time pressure. They also give me time that I can improve my skills by myself. As far as I know they are also happy with me and my results. A thing I don’t like about London is that everything looks so gray and it’s hard to find to see a place without rubbish/plastics somewhere. I live in Berlin and I thought that the streets there are not the cleanest sometimes, but you can’t compare this to London, a lot more rubbish here.
The best thing for me is that the work is fun, so I don’t have problems going out of the house in the morning. I do it because I know the people there appreciate my work.
Overall London is a nice town when you just have to visit sightseeing in the weekends, but I was done being a “tourist” in the first week and to be honest I’m not a big fan of visiting museums. I already visited a lot, but I still have some “must visit” locations left. Let’s see what I will do the next time visiting London.
Finally I have to say that I appreciate the chance that we got, doing a 2 month internship in another country!

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