chill weekend with a interessting movie

My weekend was pretty chill, but I watched a really interesting movie…

I got up at around 10 o’clock on Saturday and chilled till around 1 pm. At this time, I watched a movie called ‚BlacKkKlansman‘. The film confronts you with the splitting of black and white people in the US and was quite interesting.  The movie is about a black person, becoming the first African-American police officer and tried to undercover infiltraite the KKK. This movie is based on a real story, which makes it much more fascinating. To give you more of a feeling, how serious and bad the situation in the US is, ended the film with some real recordings of some brutal attacks against people of color and jews. It was quite shocking to see that much aggrassion against other people and that this topic is still so relevant.

At around 2 pm, me and my roommate got ourself some lunch at a chicken fast food restaurant. After the lunch we walked around in our neighbourhood.

At the evening I went around the city with a friend. We went to the Primrose Hill at night, where you have a wonderful view on to the light up the city.

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