Fermi Paradoxon and the great filter

While browsing through YouTube, I found a very interesting topic. A video about the Fermi Paradoxon…

When you look at the universe, there are millions over millions of galaxies and in each galaxy are millions of suns.  So if we assume, that there is a 0,1 percent chance that a planet would be in the habitable zone of the sun, that would result to over 10,000 habitable planets in our milky way which could develop life.  So it seems that there should be another intelligent species in the universe, but we did not find any sign of any other life. Exactly that is what the Fermi Paradoxon describes.

There are many theories about why it seems like we are the only living being in the universe. I want to concentrate on the theory about the great filter.

There were many evolutionary leaps we arrived and also other species would have to overcome. The great filter describes an event or barrier that every species has to overcome, but which is so hard that it mostly ends at the end of a species.

This results in two scenarios for humanity. In one scenario is the great future behind us. In this case, humanity  is something very special and one of a kind or even the first one to overcome the great filter. The great filter could also be in front of us, which would be very bad news. This would mean, that there will be a challenge or event that most likely is going to be the end of mankind.

So did we passed the great filter and are one of a kind or is there do we still have to overcome it?


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