Do you want to start your own business?

Day 03 – 12/05/2010

If your answer is yes, then you have missed a good seminar about: „How to start your own business“ organized by the Africa Centre for Africans and all other people who were interested.

One guy talked about how he started his business. He owns a company which refuels motor-lorries while the driver is not allowed to drive because of his/her idle times which he/she has to keep. So they have motor-lorries, too, and drive to the motor-lorry, which have to be refueld.

After my worktime I went to DUNNES to purchase some food for me. It is difficult to find well-known german products there, e.g. the german „Quark“ :). I asked many people but nobody know what it is, they only know Sour Scream and Creme Fraiche.

In the evening I made me a pizza and watched the final of the Europe League.

Hm………….. I do not know………. Bye..^^