Expensive day in Dublin

Hi there,

Sebastian and I went to Dublin last weekend. We catched the bus at 9am in Belfast.

Down in Dublin we met Marco and Alex who were waiting for us at the bus station. We went to Dublin to see  a football match (Sebastians idea) between the Bohemians FC and the Shamrock Rovers F.C (also called „the hips“ by the Bohemians).

 Tim and Lionel joined us on the way to the stadium. I dont want to talk a lot about the game because is was not very interesting at all (the reslut was 0:0). But the atmosphere and the Stadium were pretty cool. The entry was the smallest and tightest I’ve ever seen. We had to enter it by making yourself as thin as possible. Maybe Lionel is able to upload a picture of that. The support of the fans was quite good but I was not able to understand what they were singing.

After watching the game we chilled out in the appartment of Lee, Tim and Maik. I would like to say that it is a nice place to live, but in my opinion it is a real dump. In the OSZIMT they told us that the apartments in Dublin are nice and clean. I can tell you that it is the oposite of that. I am really glad to live in Belfast right now because our house is very much better than this small and untidy flat.

Anyway, we were drinking a lot of beer waiting for the time to go on. We actually wanted to go to the pub but it they told us that it is too expensive to go there before 10pm. The reason for that are the prices being extremely too high for them in Dublin. That is something I really have to complain about. Why are young people sent to Dublin, although everybody knows that they cant afford that? It is not possible to improve your English if you are forced to sit at home because of not having enough money to go out?….I don’t get that….

But later on we spend a real good time in the pub that would have been much better unless the high prices. I was only one day in Dublin and I spend over 100€. Lionel told us that this is a problem you have to deal with all the time in Dublin. We visited two different pubs. It was really funny although the music was extremely to loud. I like the bathrooms in Dublin’s pubs because they are extremly clean and you can get parfume for free ^^.

After partying in the Pub until 1am Sebastian and I got home at half 4 (4:30). We fell asleep immediately……:)


  • Dublin is a nice City
  • Dublin is too expensive for students like us
  • I’m glad to live in Belfast after visiting Dublin
  • It doesn’t matter in which city you are: Irish pubs are great !!!