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Sorry for being late, this blog should already have been online yesterday but with our internet connection it took me ages to upload the videos.

Well, I already told you about the home party where I was invited. There I met some people and one of them invited me to his BBQ on Saturday afternoon. I took my roommate Tim with me and we went there with him and a French colleague of mine. At the BBQ, which was a Brazilian one, we met a lot of people mainly Brazilians but some South Korean and Irish people too.  Tim already told very detailed about it in his blog which I got to recommend to you: “and Suddenly! Brasilians everywere!”. On Sunday we went out for a walk through the city.

Another picture from inside the temple bar yesterday and one from the River on our way home at Saturday night. Sadly I did not make any photographs from the BBQ but I asked the other people to send me their pictures. So maybe there is a BBQ update coming the next days.

See you later,


„Hier könnte ihre Werbung stehen“


Monday 17-05-2010

On monday I started my work at Translink.It is a public corporation in Northern Irland which provides the public transport in the region. Kevin, our „manager“, told me that they have high expectations and thats true ^^ My main project is to install a Microsoft System Management Server and manage a new Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager Server ( SCCM 2007 ). Right on monday I had a meeting with a microsoft expert. I work from 0900 to 1730 and arrive at my appartment around 1800.

Tuesday 18-05-2010

On Thursday, I went with two co-workers to other sites of Translink. They showed me some nice places in Belfast too. Like the Titanic dock, Odyssey Arena, few clubs, pubs and all the rest of it. The rest of the day I studied some Webcasts / Videos about the Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager. A huge tool, I hope I will be able to handle it.

David and I joined the PEC of the Queens University Belfast. There it is possible to play football, use the swimming pool, the degress fitness area, free weights and and and… It is expensive but doesn’t matter.

Wednesday 19-05-2010

Nothings special today. Work – Eat – Sleep

Pod: Queens University Belfast (Picture of the day)

PS: Haha Hansa und hallo Herr Babbel!
PS²: An meine Dublin – Leute, ich werde am 4. Juni in Dublin sein.
PS³: Mit Freundin 😀

work, work, work…

Hi folks!

On Monday we got a new task at work, we got a list with 300 Bugs for and we have to test them. We are committed to improve the quality of this website. But that’s a very monotonous job – i think. The worst is, when we checked a bug most of the time we find a new bug and must open a new ticket. There we begin at 9 o’clock and work till 5.30 pm we haven’t lot of freetime. When we come home around 6.15pm we are very hungry and completely buggered.
I hope from today on we may go to the gym and can use the pool, the jacuzzi and the other things we can do to relax a little bit. The weekend can come… this time I haven’t a picture, sry.

Greetz to Germany and Belfast 🙂


finally, got a gym ^^

Hey mades,

Sebastian and I went to the university sports center and got a membership. We had to purchase for 3 months but I’m so happy about being able to do a workout whenever I want that I don’t really regret having spent about 75 Pounds for it. We can now use the swimming pool or go to any offered activities like the gym, squach, table-tennis or just football. There are many oportunities and I’m glad to be a member.

Work goes on slowly. Today I completed an installation of a tablet pc and implemented some software. Nothing too difficult for me. I also had to take care of deliveries coming in, for example, I’m supposed to check if anything’s missing and if the amount of packages fits. Jonny, the guy who’s also part of the workshop, said that there were currently no tasks left and even the support center had nothing to do. So….I’m just waiting for some work to come in.

I think that there is nothing interesting to tell about for today…..




Hey guys,
i hope everything is going fine.
My Department is still busy at the moment. Our high-rankings are back from Spain where they had conversations about company merging. I’ve nothing done today, hope i’ll get work soon. I’m sad that i couldn’t join a technician at one of his customer visitations.

Relating to our social life i’m a bit angry today. There are some things which are truly annoying me. Still hoping that it will clear up soon.

Take care,


Finally I’ve got some work for today. I’ve to resolve virus problems located at 2 laptops.

Chapter 3: Nature, the smell of BBQ and hazardous free-climbing

Hello people!
What to do at the ‘holy’ Sunday? According to the sunny weather the question were quite fast answered. Since the very beginning of our arrival in Belfast we wanted to climb one of the mountains nearby Belfast – so it was settled. We took all the things we could need on this journey, above all the camera, and walked (or better hiked) straight through the city towards the approximately 7 miles in the north distant ‘Cave-Hill’.

Already at the foot of the mountain I was impressed about the beautiful view of the nature. On the way up we took a lot of photos and were more amazed of the sight the more we came higher. We saw many guys driving up and down the hill on mountain bikes, hardly surprising because most of the paths and trails seemed to be made for biking.

probably the highest point

Finally on the top of the Cave-Hill (approximately 350m) we all got stunned by the amazing clear and wide sight above Belfast with its harbour, the surrounding land, the distant mountains and even narrow the coast of Scotland(look at the panorama-picture from Friedrich)! As a result of that the view reminds me a bit of the sight while gliding. 😀 After a few minutes we discovered something funny: On a lower laid peak, not far from us, sat a single guy having a BBQ, such epic funny scene!

view from the abyss of the highest point to the BBQ-Guy

After a couple of minutes and a hundreds of photos later we decided to go down. About the same time, maybe a bit earlier, rain clouds appeared at the horizon, by the way. Half way down we discovered two small caves… Wait a sec… Yay, that’s why it’s called ‘Cave-Hill’! xD Whatever… One of the caves was about 30m high on the crag and the other maybe about 4-5m. We wanted to begin in a small way, so we climbed into the lower one, nevertheless it was quiet tough because we all had the wrong footwear thus we had barely grip. At the same time it starts to rain, to our disadvantage because the rocks getting even more slippy. After a short break in the cave, the rain is still falling, we decided to climb back down at last. That was really hard and dangerous at once but the adrenaline was soaring, a very exciting moment!

exploring the 'mysterious' cave

Finally we left the mountain behind and we came across a nice castle somewhere in the woods. The door of the fence was closed, so we can’t get very close to it. Because we were quiet exhausted we took the bus to Belfast City Centre but walked the remaining way to our apartment anyways.
All things considered it was a very cool, fascinating and exciting day so that I just can recommend it to you to do similar on any sunny weekend, if you interested in nature and adventures! 😉

Next time, maybe tomorrow, I’ll tell you something about my workplace and I hope I can post pictures of it, too.

See you then!