Dublin nightlife up close

Hello everyone,

The last few days were very interesting, lots of alcohol, lots of money pulled out of jackets, purses and trousers AND lots of drunk friends and people. On Thursday the the group of us living in Ladlanes and we, from Herbertons met in Temple Bar. I thought Temple Bar was one special bar but as soon as we arrived at our destination I knew it was a whole area which is called by that name. We walked through that district while waiting for the Ladlanes which were a bit late and walked past the Wall of fame.

The Wall Of Fame in Dublin Temple Bar shows some of the most famous irish artists which originate from Dublin

On the Wall Of Fame some of the most famous irish artists originating from Dublin, e.g. Sinéad O’Connor and U2 are immortalized. Finally we met the others and entered Oliver St. John Gogarty Bar. We ordered some drinks, chatted and after a while a life artist started to play guitar and sing. Some songs were familiar, others weren’t but the guy was really really good. The atmosphere in the bar was really warm and talkative. It was so loud that you had to get really close to someone you wanted to talk with. (which is good when talking to girls ;))

On Friday we planned to check out the nightlife of Dublin, means the nightclubs. The Ladlanes came over to our apartment where we started warm up drinking. When we left some of us were already drunk and it probably was fun to watch from outside. We googled were we had to go to but we missed the last bus so we had to walk to our destination. Chris and I roughly knew were the club ‚POD‘ had to be because it is near our work place. After walking for half an hour most of us were tired and impatient for finding the club. So we decided to go into a random club. When we entered we saw the sign reading ‚POD‘. I guess we accidentally found what we were looking for… we are SO GOOD! 😉 We entered and were baffled. There was almost nothing going on on the dance floor(s) although it was already past 12:00pm. So the first thing we did was to buy more alcohol, 3 Coronas for 10€… and again… and…

At around 3:00am the club closed and we went home. We headed home while the Ladlanes walked off in the other direction to get home too. On our way home Alex walked across the street to talk to a group of four strangers which fortunately weren’t hostile. But they gave us great advice by telling us to not talk to strangers on the streets, especially not so at night. They said our district is BAD and very dangerous and we should be careful outside and rather run than getting in danger.

We kept walking and almost home I slipped and while slipping already, I slipped again, so I fell face down on the pavement. I didn’t hurt myself (fortunately) but the way I fell was so funny that Chris and Flo started laughing really really hard. I joined in and we got home amused. At home I went into bed right away and instantly fell asleep.

Today we got up at around 14:00pm and did absolutely nothing at all until we dressed up at around 19:00pm to visit some of the Ladlanes and check out their apartment. Afterwards we wanted to go into a nearby pub but we didn’t feel like it and our last Luas‘ departing time was 0:30am. So we decided to get that Luas and drive home ‚early‘ today. *smirks mischievously*

Job Interview

Hey everybody,
I had my job interview yesterday. The night befor I was so excited, that I didn´t slept so well. In my dream Riccardo was standing in front of my bed and he told me, that it was nonsens to go in the pub. Next day he convinced me from the opposite. Anyway, the job interview was quite good. Kevin came with me and gave me support. Two people, an old man and a younger one called Christy talk to me. The older man, how seemed to be the big boss had a realy rude accent. He mumbled a bit and spoke very fast. They asked me some questions aboute my apprentisechip and my work in germany and after 10 minutes they showed my the office, kitchen and the serverroom. Now it´s weekend and in the evening we will go the pub where my housemates went on thursday. I am a bit nervous because I am not allowed alcohol at all, but I think I will handle this. Hopefully the girls are nice and opendmindet, how Steffen and Riccarde told me ^^.
So, my next impression come soon…
Greetz Friedrich

My first time in a pub

Hey people,

on thursday (father’s day) i was with steffen and the guys from the 5 men apartment in a pub namend „Botanic Inn“.  The pub is ca 15 min away from our home and the way at night was pretty cool. One of the house we saw was spotlighted with black light, this looks great at night. Arrived at the pub a smell of beer crossed my nose, the whole pub smells like beer. In the pub steffen and me met the guys from the other apartment. It shan’t be long and we talk with irish people. Then we taste the irish cider and i think it tastes good! Later we met a german guy who tell us something about ireland. At the end we went in the second floor where a disco was, but the pub and the disco closed at 1 o’clock, so we couldn’t enter. All in all it was a good evening.



Chapter 2: Nightlife, unfamiliar frankness and alcohol

Hi folks!
On Thursday we’d got a call from our comrades of the 5 men apartment (they haven’t internet yet, poor guys…) to come to a pub called “The Botanic Inn”. Luckily this pub is not very far away from our apartment, only 10-15 minutes by foot, so Riccardo and I decided to go there. Friedrich prefers to stay in the apartment because he had an interview on Friday.
On our way to the pub we saw a house spotlighted by black light, that looks really cool but we didn’t took a photo, shame on us but maybe we take one next time… 😉

Finally in the Botanic Inn the first thing I noticed was the strong smell of beer and the fact that most of the people were already drunk. We found the others easily and after a short small talk and introduction how the things will work in the pub and with the girls in there, we bought our first drink: a typical Irish Cider (really delicious by the way). The price was around 3.20 pounds a pint I guess.
It took only a few minutes and we were introduced to some native guys the others met there earlier. They are friendly and frankly in fact, a little too intrusive but this was maybe the alcohol… xD Speaking of alcohol: I’ve never seen so many glasses falling to the ground, break into pieces and alcohol spilled all over somebody’s lap. That was kind of weird because nobody cares.
Anyways, the music there was a mixture of Rock’n’Roll, party music and other stuff I don’t know. Later this evening there was a band playing live-music. Not my kind of music, but the girls compensate this point. They are really nice and good-tempered (not to mention that most of them are epic hot dressed… whooohoooo!!!) so you can have easy conversations with them, especially when you tell them that you’re from Germany 😉 …but this goes for everybody else too. Otherwise a very few people confronts you with the old, typical German stereotype (you know, the Hitler and Nazi stuff), but they always said that is funny here… oO

Well folks, I still could tell you so much about this evening, for example that a homosexual guy was trying to pick up Konstantin (epic funny moment) or that two cute girls were for some reason extremely in love with my eyeglasses, so that they always wanted to wear it… But I think you experienced similar like this. That was a really great evening, it was a lot of fun, we even met an older guy from Germany who is living in Belfast since 2 years. Today we want to go to the “Botanic Inn” again… 😀

Yesterday Friedrich, Riccardo and I met us with Sebastian, David and Kevin and we talked about our upcoming workplaces. My work starts next Monday, so I will tell you about that when the time is right.

I think I’ll post a picture of my Thursday evening in the pub soon…
(And I hope my words are right resp. the text is readable. lol)

See you next time!

Weekend @ Belfast

Hi there,

Finally, I god rid of my cold.Yeeehaa….

The spanish guys are so fuc….. funny. Their English is really bad, but they use their own words. For example:

the fridge is -> the cold box,

the freezer is -> the very cold box,

the oven is -> the hot box

and the kitchen units are called -> individual food box

Yesterday they all got drunk and started to get crazy. One of them wanted to take a shower and, I don’t know why, the others tried to avoid that. During this time they destroyed a lamp and the door of the bathroom. Sebastian and I were downstairs in the livingroom and we heard just a lot of very loud „BANGS“. So actually, we do not really know, what has happened^^.

After a lot of beers we decided to go to a Pub, I cannot remember the name, but it was really cool there. The music was very loud that if I wanted to talk to someone I had to leave the Pub and have a Cigarette. Outside, I met about 20 different people from all over the world. I got used to speak english with an american accent, so that one irish girl actually thought that I came from America^^. I found out that it is really easy to find someone to talk to. All of the people here are very friendly and appreciate that I’m trying to talk in their language.

Now, I want to go to a Pub called „Botanic In“ to watch the final of the FA-Cup. I hope that the beer is not to expensive there.

When I’m back, I’m gonna have to tell some more funny stories of the spanish guys :). I don’t know whats going on in their heads.





Moin everyone,

I’m tiered…the whole week was very exausting. Working from 9am to 18pm wasn’t fun but I managed to change it to 8.30am to 17.30pm, not much better but at least a bit. The Website I’m building has to be ready by friday next week. I don’t really know if my boss knows that I’m here for two month.. oh man. Actually everything is spinning while I’m sitting on the couch. Yesterday we where in a club called „POT“ or „POD“ ? I don’t know anymore but it was fun, when your drunk the english is floating and we talked to more people in one night than the whole last week before.

3 Coronas for 10 Euro .. fuuuuuu … but somehow I got enough of it to get a drunk, finally. Anyway, Maik is still sleeping and Lee and I are gonna get into town now, to buy suits and do some sightseeing, naww .. I need a bank, Irland is so expesive. We don’t even have something for breakfirst. Well going now…

cya, Tim.

Hey Guys,

The last two days of work have been great. I don’t work with networks or anything I usually do. Most tasks are application management. I took me some time to get started, but at the end it was fun. My colleagues are very helpful too. Anyway, to the interesting stuff now.

On Thursday we have been to the temple bar in the city center of Dublin. I was quite funny, despite the touristic factor. I walk down the street and I have seen about 5 to 10 German people. 

But in the end we went to “The Old Dubliner”. We all had a great time.

Yesterday I have been invited to a house party of a colleague. He just moved in at his flat. There I have met people from Spain, France, Japan, Italy and some more countries. It was a lot of fun talking to the guys. Ok enough for now I have to go to the city, see some stuff and maybe go shopping.

See you later,