Belfast here!

Hi everybody,

the end of my second day in Belfast is not far off. Two interesting days. On monday we arrived at Dublin airport and went to Belfast by bus. There we met our project manager Kevin Shine (very nice guy by the way) and he showed us the appartments. My mate David and myself living together with 3 spanish guys. The first room we saw was the living – room full of balloons.  I think this could be very funny with these guys ^^

The appartment

Today David and I discovered the city and found some nice places and pubs 😉 My job interview for translink is on friday, so we have enough time to settle in. Tomorrow I will visit some football grounds in Belfast and will present it to you by showing some pictures.

Thats all so far …!

First sign of live

Hi everybody,

Finally we got our Internet connection so we can actually start writing articles in this blog.

Yesterday, we arrived at Belfast at about 17 o’clock after taking the bus at 14 o’clock in Dublin. The appartement I’m living in is great. I’m sharing it with my collegue Mr. Boese and some spanish guys. The room is small but I feel comfortable with it. Getting access to the internet was quite easy 😉 . We got an UMTS stick from O² after discovering the city in ridiculous 5 hours ^^. Here are some Pictures of the house in Delhi Street, Belfast:

Tomorrow there will be my job interview for Nitec which is the company I’m going to start working next monday. Kevin Shine, who’s responsible for the organisation of all participating students (yes here I’m traded like a stundent and OSZIMT is called a „College“) is going to pick me up and drive me to this interview. I hope that the guys from Nitec are satisfied with my appearance.

I think thats all I can report until now.

Arrival and first day @ work

Moin all together,

we arrived on Monday the 10th of May @ 12:30 o’clock. It was a great flight for me, maybe because it was the first I eveer made 😉 (Videos of flight and landing may be comming soon). Our Appartments are… okay… , our floor was flooded with water the first day and until now we are still walking in muddy carpet. Many things which you need on a daylie basis are’n there, for example Toilet paper or Soap.

My first day @ work has just passed and I have to say, I’m already missing my work in Berlin. I have to work from 9:00 to 18:00 o’clock and need 1 hour from my apartment to work and again 1 hour from work to my apartment. In fact there is no time to by anything on workdays because the stores are mostly closed at 18:00 o’clock. But I don’t want to switch the apartment because I would’t be able wo live with my collegues. By the way, I have to design a Website für BloomBPO (Business Process Outsourcing).

Lets see what kind of freaky surprises the rest of the 8 weeks hold for us.

Till then, Tim.

My first day at the Africa Centre…

Good Morning to everyone,

this will be my first day to work at the Africa Centre. I have to take the LUAS from Fatima to Abbey Street where the Africa Centre is, so I am a lucky guy, because it is only something around ten minutes drive.

So, I am back from work. Of coure, what else, I reached the Africa Centre at 9:30, 10:00 was arranged, whereby the person who I should ask for was not there, so the coordinator of the Africa Centre, called Eric, welcomed me and introduced me what the Africa Centre is doing and what I am going to do there during my internchip for eight weeks.

The office is very very small but there are looking forward to expand their organisation with new rooms to have more space to work and a place for young people, not only africans, to be together. Unfortunately, the owner of the building is not in Dublin up to and including August.

I think it is enough for today, so see you soon, bye bye 🙂

My first days in Dublin

Hi, folks!

Yesterday we arrived at Dublin-Airport, shortly after a haulage firm drove us to our
apartments, called „Herberton Apartments“.
The apartments look nice at large and have everything we need  to live here for 2 months.
We have 2 bedrooms for 4 people, 2 bathrooms, a balcony and 1 livingroom with a kitchen.
The weather keeps up and the irish folks give a pleasant impression.
In the evening we set up our rooms an made the first „bulk purchases“.

Today Leo and I had a holiday, because our internship starts on wednesday.
So we used this day to scout Dublin and our environs.
We went by tram in the city and made the second „bulk purchases“.
In addition I bought a square trousers for my first business day.
Now I have written enough for today and will get hungry.

See you soon!

Greetz, Chriz

ps: every time I will load up a new pic…

City of Dublin