Differences between Berlin and Dublin


It’s been some days since my last entry. That is probably because nothing REALLY interesting has happened the last few days.

We finally got access to the VIP AREA… WHAT THE?no, I mean we finally got access to the gym here at Herbertons… yeah, that is what I wanted to say. 😉 Yesterday I went to the gym, today I went to the gym, guess what I’ll be doing tomorrow? YEAH I will go to the gym. Partly because I want to be in (very) good shape when I come back and partly because Ben, a (now) good friend of mine wants to get in good shape too. He is also living with me at Herbertons. Check out his blog here.

Well but let’s get to the topic of the title. What is different between Berlin and Dublin? I’ll summarize the things that stroke me the most so far.

  1. Dublin is not as big as Berlin. In Dublin you can basically reach everything in the city area by foot in less than an hour.
  2. Surprise, surprise, they drive on the left side. 😉
  3. Our caretaker told us that it is normal that they don’t have power plugs in the bathroom, one plug is rare.
  4. The fare for the Luas (Tram) is a little less expensive than in Berlin but the fine for not having a valid ticket is as high as 1000€!
  5. The security personal in the Luas is wearing bullet proof vests, tasers and walkie-talkies, very impressive.
  6. The driving folk is much more relaxed, car drivers often excuse themselfs to the pedestrians!!!
  7. There were many more differences, so this list will probably be updated.

Thats it for today. (epic quote: ‚Thats it at first‘ ;))

work’s fine


Today it was my first day at the technical support side of Nitec. I assisted „Chris“ checking the network of all the supported customer sites. We did also have a job to do that was „on site“ (@ the customer’s site). We had to investigate the causes of an IP address conflict and optimise the network cabling of a famous Hotel in Belfast. Thanks to Cisco, I could understand and even help to find the reason for the occured problems.

Later on, back at Nitec’s, we did some troubleshooting using the remote connections to several customer’s servers. I’m really glad that things went so well at work today.

Now we’re sitting @ home with the spanish guys listening to music and drinking beer. Tomorrow we’re gonna go to the pubs in Belfast again^^.

David out……