something about my work…

Moin everyone, this time I’ll start with my work even through there would be enough to tell about my hollydays. The last two weeks I was working on the design of a new website for On Wensday I had to present it to my Chefs so I worked hard and was ready after abount one week. I used the rest of the week to build a backend so the that the people would still be able to modefie the page after I’m gone. At the meeting my Chef then told me that he likes the design but wanted everything compatible with his CMS Joomla. So last thuesday I began to lern how to build templates for joomla. Its reltivley easy and I really don’t know what they are going to do with me when I’m done with the page because there is not much more work to do. As Lionel already wrote mine and his Weekend (and even midweeks) was full of nice people and party. BBQ on a roof, the beach etc. etc. hope we can stay close to this level of entertainment for the remaining weeks.

regards Tim

Nice weekend…

Hi Folks!

After a hard working week, we were allowed to start in our long looked-for weekend.

On Friday we met some peers of the other apartments and some Germans, which make a internship or other things like that in Dublin and went to a bar, directly on a big shopping promenade. There were lots of young people, differently to the „old pubs“. We drank there some beer and listened to the „awesome“ music.

On Saturday I was shopping with some peers and enjoyed the nice weather at 26 degrees. After that we watched the champions league final 2010 between Inter and FC Bayern at our apartment. Bayern have pulled to pieces… The referee blew for full-time and we went by the Luas in the city to go once again in the Tripod – Club. And again the club closed at 3 o’clock sharp.

On Sunday we slept late and made nothing the whole blessed day.

Greetz to Germany…

Should I stay or should I go?

Ok one short update before going to bed. This weekend was English only again. We went to a party at Friday and afterwards to some clubs. I had a really great time to meet people and talk to them about so many things. Sadly many people went away this weekend and I didn’t have the chance to say goodbye. Anyway on Saturday we had a BBQ on the roof of a friend’s flat. The weather here is just great, my only problem at the moment is that I took everything to Dublin except a short pants. I would really need them. One more reason for shopping the next days.

Today Tim and I went to the beach at Howth. The weather was still pretty good and a lot of people where swimming in the water. Next time I take a towel with me so that I can jump in the sea one time. Here is a picture of a seal we saw at the harbor of Howth.

So that has got to be enough for now, sorry for the short blogs but I am at home very seldom. That is why there is not much time left for the blogs.

Btw the signs on the ground “Look Right” and “Look Left” really helped my through the days until I saw this one.

Would you go?