The first week is over…

Hi folks!

On friday we had our last workday for this week and we could start in the weekend at least.

Our weekend started with a long friday… we arranged a meeting with some peers of the other apartments at our den.

There we drunk a little… I call it „preparty“.

After that, I don’t know the exact time… we went to the club „Tripod“ according to plan.

The good was, that all were let in… but on the other hand, the club shut down at 3 o’clock am.

Disappointed, we walked back home 🙁

At Saturday we slept it off and experienced a unspectacular day.

Today we did one’s shopping and enjoyed the nice weather.

See you soon.

Greetz Chriz

Tripod Club Dublin

First Week in Belfast


the first week is almost over. A interesting and funny week. I had my job interview on friday at Translink. Work in a windows environment (Security, Server, Windows 7 and Client) will be my main task. More details next week.

On Saturday we watched the FA Cup – Final (Chelsea – Portsmouth 1:0) in a pub (surprise!!). The atmosphere were great and loud. Unfortunately the wrong team won.

In the evening we met our german guys in the same pub (surprise!!!) and had a really good night. I was wondering about the clothes of other people. They are all dressed up like they were going to a very exclusive party but they are just visiting a pub !! Just a pub !!

Greetings to Germany and Dublin!

David wars!

My first impressions of Belfast

Hi folks!

We are here for 6 days now and i just could say that it would be a great edge beeing hard-drinking. Drinking is nearly everything you can do in Belfast. There are pubs and fast food restaurants all over the city. I would like to call it quite hard to find a good supermarket. As an example, we’ve never saw any spices. It takes something around 45 minutes to walk into the city centre.

Yesterday, the Belfast people have met together at the Botanic-Inn for a few pins of beer. We’ve become acquainted with some new people and got thrown out of the pub at 01:30.
Our way home was really funny and we were invited by some people to come with’em for some beer and conversations. I should not share to much informations at this point.

Finally, we are unable to get internet access at our home, that’s more annoying as i thought. 🙁