Hey guys,
Today I had my first day at work but I will start with the weekend. On Saturday night we went to a pub how´s called „Botanic Inn“. We took a cap, because it was raining. By the way the caps are cheeper than in Germany. After an half hour the other people from our group appeared. It was quiet noisy in the pub, but not because of the music; people were laughing and talking loudly and at minute intervals glasses got broken. Some of the irish took a cup too much, like a man next to us. He was very drunken and his friends took pictures and made fun of him. I had a nice talk to a guy named Metthew and two girls how were absolutely sweet^^. At 1am the bar had closed, so we went home.
Next day, on Sunday we decided to hike to „Cave Hill“. The weather were irish mixed at this day but we had been protected by umbrellas and rainjackets. We saw the buityfull countryside of the north of Belfast and took a lot of pictures like this:

At 9am in the morning I was at work. My boss and the employees introduced me in the work process. In this project my company is responsible for a lot of workstations which used for X-rays and the diagnose. They showed me the infrastructure, how to maintain the serverfarm and whats to do if there occur allerts or errors. One guy „Berry“ was very friendly to me and I asked him if he know somebody hows would rent or sell me a bike because my company is directly in the city-centre. Tomorrow another stuffmember Metthew (but not this boy from the pub) will pick me up and than we will go to one of the hospital to setup a new workstations. I am very excited…

Yours Friedrich

and Suddenly! Brasilians everywere!

Moin everyone,

last weekend, Lee and I where invited to a BBQ. Actually Lee knew most of the people because he met them on Friday at a houseparty. Anyways I did’t know what was awaiting me. First of all we had to meet his french coworker at someplace ( I actually forgot the name of the place, but there is a huge metallic needle pointing towards the sky) and we had only twenty minutes to get there by foot, normally its about 30 to 40 minutes. So we were more running instead of walking. We arrived 2 minutes to late and the girl was not there, she came about 10 minutes later(damn it!).

We had to take the bus to get to the BBQ because it was way out of Dublin. Finally at the BBQ we realised that the Grill was a simple hole in the ground with a grillage on it, but Caio (the brasilian guy who was giving the BBQ) had at least half a cow, in the form of brasilian steaks and sausages, in his house (no really it was very very much).  He grilles the steaks medium rare and they tasted awsome. Actually it was not like in Germany where everyone gets his own plate. the steaks and sausages where put an a Plate near the Grill and then cut to fine slices. Everyone who was hungy coud get there, take a peace or two, and eat whenever he or she wantet (really fun).

Most of the time we where talking english, even when I talked to lee. I don’t know why but our main topic with most of the people there seemed to be beer 😉 . What Lee and I hat not realized was that about 17 From 20 poeple where from brasil and suddenly everyone was talking potugese (first because it was easyer for them, lates besause of the alcohol I think).

By the way, brasilian girls are getting a bit freaked out (or crazy,  like Raoul called it)  when they get drunk :).

Finally all the meat was gone and no one wanted to go home,  we had to take the next bus to Town. The only Problem with that was that there was only one last bus remaining to bring us into Town and Lee didn’t manage to get the brasilians out of the house. I was waitig at the Bus stop, the secont our Bus arrives Lee and the others ran around the corner, it was so damn close. Otherwise we would have had to walk back, which would have taken us about 3 to 4 hours or even worse (and this after our sprint from the afternoon).

Back into town we first went to a club but we didn’t stay long (don’t ask me why). Raoul brought us to another houseparty where everyone was in a costume. There where Carly Caplin,  a boy who was dressed like a girl and actually enjoied it a bit to much and much more. Unfortunatly there was not enough beer so Lee and I decided to get home around 4 o’clock in the morning or 4am.

We where drunk, exousted and tired but very happy (hopefully lee can upload some pictures, I need mz new Handy). Oh fuuu I forgot about my work..hell… next time.

Till then, Tim.

Cold sucks… Die Hard rocks…

Day 06 – 15/05/2010


My cold got worse. So most of the time of the day I rested in my bed and talking to my girlfriend via Skype. At some time, I do not now status of the day, Alexander and I went to the nearest Lidl to purchase some food and drinks. We had chicken breast filets with chips. The filets tasted very good but the chips not 😉

In the evening we found a tv channel which showed “Die Hard I” so we decided to watch the movie. Did you ever hear Bruce Willis in english? For the first time in my life I thought the german voice actor fits Bruce Willis more than himself personally, he has such a funny voice, nothing brutal and very quiet.

Unfortunately, I did not sit through the whole movie and went to bed.

Apartment Crawling and got sick…

Day 05 – 14/05/2010

Hello to everyone,

I was right. Now I have a bad cold with fever, headaches and a blocked nose. Therefore I asked Mbemba if it would be better to stay in my bed to get healthy and do not infect someone at work, because the office is very small with many people in it.

Fortunately, he accommodated my request and I could stay in my bed the whole day until Alexander Holuscha changed his apartment from the Lad Lanes to Herberton. So I had to switch my room, too.

They first wanted to accommodate us in an apartment with no internet access and roommates, who appeared to have the hoard and clutter syndrome. When Ricardo, the caretaker of the Herberton Apartments, opened their bathroom, he was fighting with himself to not vomit on the floor.

So he understood that we want to have another apartment. We are now accommodated in a two bed apartment with the dark prospect to change our accommodation again on Monday to an apartment for six people. We tried everything within our power to stay in our currently apartment – so just wait and see what will happen on Monday after our work. Hopefully they will forget us .

Do not get sick…

Day 04 – 13/05/2010


I got a closer look to the e-mail system from the Africa Centre and told them that it would be better if they changed their method to get the e-mails to IMAP, so they have access to them via the web access at home. Unfortunately, each e-mail address has only a capacity of only 40MB on the servers from hostireland.com.

Because of the enthusiasm of the possibility to have access to their e-mails from everywhere they rang their provider to ask for more capacity. So just wait and see if it is possible.

I do not feel very well, because it seems like that I will get a cold. L