First work day

Hello again everyone,

Yesterday Chris, my roommate at Herberton Apartments and I had our last day off. So we went shopping in the city centre. After three hours of walking (which seemed to be days) and searching we finally turned left into a random street 😉 and found the Ilac Shopping Centre. Inside was a shop in which Chris and Alex, another colleague of us, residing at Lad Lane Apartments, both found what they were looking for. Afterwards Alex left, Chris and I met with Ben and Flo, the rest of our apartment and together we went on to buy some more stuff for our apartment.

Today Chris and I had to be at our company at 9:30 am for our first working day at Web Reservations International. We got shown around first and then we set up our computers and afterwards we got an introduction into the new page that went online this monday. Next we had to test the functions of the site ourselfs and thereafter we had to keep ourselfs busy for quite a while. Possibly we will get our real task tomorrow. (hopefully…)

And that was about it for today, hopefully I can write something more interesting in the upcoming days. (please! please! please!)

Groundhopping Part I

May some of you know, I am a football fanatic! It is my duty to visit as many football grounds as possible.

I really like these britsh football stadiums. There are five teams located in Belfast: Linfield FC, Glentoran FC, Cliftonville FC, Crusaders FC and Donegal Celtic FC.

Unfortunatly all there grounds are scattered to the four winds and therefore I could only visit one stadium today. I choose the Windsor Park, home of Linfield FC.

Logo of LFC

Linfield FC is the most successfull team in Northern Irish Football by wining the nationale league title 49 times. Linfield’s home ground is Windsor Park, which is located in south Belfast.

Unfortunalty the season in northern irland is all over and I hoped this will not deter me from getting inside. Of course it did not 😉  So I can show you some pictures:

Way to Windsor Park
Inside the ground
Windsor Park
Windsor Park

It was an awesome atmosphere even without any fans. I really like it and hope to watch some matches in Irland as soon as possible.

Best regards to my guys in Dublin and Belfast 😉 Pictures of other grounds will follow! If you are interested in higher quality and more pictures write me a mail!

PS: Sorry for being late, watching the Europe League – Finale between Fulham and Atlético Madrid with my spanish housemates 🙂

Look Right!!!

Hi girls ’n boys,


Second day in Dublin and I already had to work. That was yesterday and it was pretty exhausting. It takes me one hour to get to work and another to get back. The work I had to do by now, was quite boring. I hope this will change over time. I will keep you updated on this. The company basically has two offices for 20 to 30 people each. Nevertheless it was relatively quiet.

Old Habits

Today I got hit by a car. Ok, not really, but in the past days there have been some situations where I did not expect the car to come from this side of the road. I really have to adapt to that.


I think you read enough about our apartment from my roommates (especially from Maik). Sadly I have to agree with him on this one. Luckily our floor is almost dried.

I hope you all have a great time.



Chapter 1: Arrival, surprise and exploring Belfast

Hello guys!

At first I have to apologize for my 0815-english, but I think it is readable… ^^

Well, I think I should start with a short explanation why I’m blogging and why about Belfast.
One part of my apprenticeship is a 8 weeks lasting internship in a foreign country, in my case it is Northern Ireland, more exact in the city of Belfast. During this time all of the internship participants (we were divided to Dublin, Belfast and Barcelona) had to blog their experiences at work and free time in another portal and we had to do this in english language. Therefore, in order to prevent that nearly nobody reads my blog (who reads blogs anyway? xD) and my work is for nothing, I’ll post it here too… I’ll try to keep this as interesting as possible, promise! ^^

Yesterday started our adventurous journey to Belfast in Northern Ireland. I was so excited about the flight – I’m freaking LOVE to fly!!! I’m afraid that the flight was too short! Then, in Dublin, we took the bus to Belfast. On the road I saw many really beautiful landscapes with all its mountains and green meadows. Coming along with all the blooming cherry trees, the partly clouded sky and the school uniform wearing pupils it reminds me a bit of Japan. xD

Finally in Belfast we met our contact person Kevin Shine and we moved into our houses/apartments were we split into three groups. Friedrich, Riccardo and I had chosen the three men apartment and it IS awesome in fact! Here it comes: The apartment has 2 bedrooms with large beds, 2 little sweet balconies, 2 nice bathrooms – one with a shower and one with a bathtub – and an epic kitchen. Some of the numerous mirrors and windows are dirty but that are peanuts compared to the fact that we have a great chimney in the living room and a washing machine and a dishwasher in the kitchen, not to mention the breathtaking view of the city of Belfast and the mountains on the horizon from one of the balconies. Based on these facts, the whole situation reminds of a holiday trip by now.
Later this evening we walked around the area and did our first buying. After this we had a meal and watched a funny movie called „Sexdrive“.

The next morning starts with a light breakfast. Afterwards we decided to explore the city and go on a few more errands like mobile phone cards and an UMTS-Stick. After a relaxed walk through the city and wondering glances of the numerous sights, especially the pretty girls (and they ARE sights in fact! xD), we found the shops where we can get the phone cards and the UMTS-Stick. The weather, against all expectations, was pretty nice in the afternoon by the way.

Back in our apartment we configured a small ad-hoc network with the UMTS-Stick. In the evening we cooked a meal (pork escalope with mixed vegetables and pasta), relaxed a bit in front of the chimney and finally we wrote the blog. Now it is time to go to bed at last.

the self-timer was too short timed xD

… To be continued…

Arrival and first day

Hey all,
yesterday was the day of our great travel to Belfast.
Our flight was dead in time and we arrive in Dublin 12.45 local time.
Then we bought bus tickets to Belfast and on our trip we saw the wonderful landscape and cities.
As we reached the end of the line, our contact person Kevin Shine picked us up and bring us to our apartments.
I live with Steffen and Friedrich in an apartment which is located in the south of Belfast.
Our view from our 2 balconies is breathtaking, the rooms are great and our 2 bathrooms are big.
In the evening we solved our first problem, the fuse is blown as we turned the light on. We called Kevin to help us and 10mins later he was on the ground and tell us what we can do to solve the problem. Then we ate something and watched a film.
K.O. from this day we went sleep.

Today we did all shopping and discovered the city. We bought new netcards for our mobile phones
and an UMTS-stick. Because we have 3 laptops and 1 stick, we practice to setup an ad-hoc net.
Then we cook us a warm meal and write this blog entry.
Greetz Riccardo


Hey guys,
Today its the second day in Belfast. Yesterday we had a comfortable trip to Ireland. The flight was easy and on the bustour we saw nice landscapes and cute cities (…and girls) from Dublin to Belfast was also wonderfull. Kevin picked us up in the city-center and brought us to the flat. With Riccardo and Steffen together we moved into a greatfull luxurious apartment. The house is locatet in the south of belfast where a lot of villas are. So I think its a very secure place to live and when I smoke a cigaret on one of the two balconies the magnificent view is breathtaking.

view from our balcony

Today we went to the city-center to do shopping some basic stuff for our flat. After this hard shoppingtour we relaxed a bit on our couches in front of a nice chimney. During I went jogging to the house where five of our other guys live, my flatmates Steffen and Riccardo prepared the meal. I changed phonenumbers with Constantin and the people from class FSZ85. When I was back at home I took a shower. We ate some paste and now we all sit together in the livingroom and write our textes for the blog.
All in all it was a great start in Ireland and I hope that the practical training will be also great. On friday I have my jobinterview and I hope it will be good.
Greetz Friedrich