@ work

Hi there,

I did not yet wrote something about my work at Nitec. working here is not quite busy or exhausting. I do not really have much to do here, because I am participating in a department called workshop, where currently no tasks are waiting or coming in. Today my only job was, to install a tablet PC and to make one backup. Yes, that’s it.

The last two days of the week I will be part of the technical support team. Maybe that will be more interesting.

I hope that Sebastian and I find a place where we can do some sports. As a result of the bad bed and my herniated disc I am dealing with very heavy pain right now. But the Sportcenter near our location is not able to let us pay cash (i don’t understand these idiots). They need us to get an irish bank account to establish a membership. I am not going to get a bank account for just 2 months ;). I hope we will find an alternative soon.

Oh….I had to purchase a train ticket, to get to Antrim, which is the town where Nitec is located. It costs me about 125Pounds monthly. But the director said I maybe get my money back from the company. Let’s see, I don’t want to be impolite and ask for it.


Maybe the end of Apartment Crawling

Day 08 – 17/05/2010


First of all nobody talked to us to change the apartment on Monday, so maybe we are lucky. After work we met our schoolmates at their apartment and they tried to teach me skat. We played skat for an hour an then Alexander and me went to our apartment hoping not to hear from our caretaker Ricardo that we have to change our apartment. I had spare ribs for lunch and I have to tell you that they tasted very good so if you were interested you could buy them at Lidl, I think for 3.99€

So keep your fingers crossed for us that we do not have to change our apartment tomorrow.

Who can find the TESCO?

Day 07 – 16/05/2010


I slept something around eleven to twelve hours, so I feel a little bit better. I did nothing special on this day. At 1pm I watched the Formula One race in Monaco. Unfortunately, it was a very boring race, despite that the Safety Car was in action for four times.

In the afternoon we (all people from the OSZ-IMT, who are living at Herberton Apartments) looked for an TESCO (a bigger supermarket) in our surrounding. We found it but it is about 2km faraway.

After we put our stuff into our apartments we went to Lidl, too.

In the evening we had launch and watched a little bit TV.

First day at work

Hey there,

first day at work is gone and everyone is really busy at the moment. Until tomorrow i’ll work/help at the Helpdesk. Yesterday i had to check the Firewall/Watchguard logins on many different internal and external servers and were also instructed to create new profiles there. Not as hard so far.
But, alot of people are really interested in my CCNA qualification even if there are alot of people with Cisco qualifications on the irish / uk market. A coworker told me right now that the CCNA is harder as any CCNP. He’s passed every Cisco qualification just like Jeremy.
For David: So, that was it at first.

Salesdepartment of CMI