Football Match

On Thursday I tried to order tickets for the National Football match between North Ireland and New Zealand. Badly on the website I tried to buy them there was some issues so next day at work I had to ask a college if he could help me. First we tried to buy the tickets on the same website that I had tried it the day before, unfortunately I couldn’t change the billing address to Germany. My college was so nice that we drove to the abbey enter together a Mall where a Ticketmaster shop is, but the lady there told us that we could only buy their tickets after 11:00 am. So we drove back and I tried it again and I found a way to change the billing address. I ordered the Ticket and printed it out, my college was going to the match also so we planned to meet us there before the game starts. I had to drive through the whole city to get to the stadium that took me about 45 minutes. The traffic was very heavy because so many people were going to the game. Finally I arrived at the bus station and I had to walk about 10 minutes to the destination where my colleague and me would met. He saw me and shouted my name and a friend of him was with us he was in a wheelchair and we had to help him a little bit. Unfortunately my colleague and his friend sat in a different block and I sat alone in one block with unknown people, but in a football match that’s not really bad because people are talking to you anyways. Five minutes after I sat I already made friends with some guys and there were really cool and one of them was already in Germany, Bavaria. We talked about the match and some football related stuff. The first goal made North Ireland so the atmosphere was really good. In the end Northern Ireland won by 1:0, it was a great experience for me.