Friday and a busy day

It was Friday again and I knew that it could be very busy. Gareth gave me another task to allocate the tickets to all members of tier 2. It was easy at the beginning but it got more and more difficult because everybody needs to get the same amount of tickets at the end of the day. The que got filled up and I had problems to allocate the tickets because more tickets flooded in. Providentially I had to take a break and ate my lovely cooked bacon. It is thicker than in Germany and does not consist of so much fat. Generally I love the foot here. There are some things that I don’t get in Germany like Yorkshire pudding or Chipotle South West sauce or even the delicious steak that only cost 3 Pound for two pieces. But there are other things that are more expensive as in Germany. You can decide between Tesco, Iceland, Lidl and SPAR. But if you want to buy crisps at LIDL you haven’t the same choice. But back to work. It was surprised silence at the data restores. I only had a case again where people don’t know where they deleted their data they wanted. After work I had to search my parcel that should come on Wednesday already. There was no sign of a notification from my postman. A bigger problem was that I have bought it in the name of my Father because he wanted it. I was starting to get worried. But it should not be a big problem because we had the same surname. The other problem was that you must also proof that you are living at that address where the parcel had been sent to. Normally they check it with your ID card. But I don’t own a UK ID card. Luckily on Friday it arrived and was too big to fit in the mailbox. The mail carrier pressed it inside the mailbox and it got stuck in there.  I had luck that it was a sunny day and not a rainy one.