A day at the Warehouse of Capita

Yesterday we were at the warehouse of Capita. It took about a half an hour until we arrived. We enjoyed the ride because we have seen some new landscape of Northern Ireland. As we arrived we were introduced in the workflow. Our job was to put on asset tags on the new computers. The problem was that Dell should have done this but they had forgotten it. The first step was to remove eight computers from the pallet. Then we cut open every box and took out the computer. After that we scanned the boxes and placed the assed tags on the computers. The next step was to get the computer back into the box which was a really hard task. But after a bit of training we managed to do it really fast. At the end we had to stack up the computers on another pallet again. We have moved a total of 7 pallets with 36 computers each on it. That means we have moved about 252 computers in one day. It was time to get back to the Office and work on data restores again. The last thing that I had to do was one data restore. A user had used the wrong path for a file. Luckily I found it and restored the data. Finally it was time to go home and enjoy the rest of the day.