Capitas Warehouse

Yesterday I thought it would be a normal day at work but my supervisor said to me that René and me maybe had to help people in a Warehouse. At first they had to organise some things and organise a driver to drive us there. The Warehouse is located in the near of the biggest Lake in North Ireland it’s called Lough Neagh. When they organised a driver we drove there and the driver was actually a colleague from the store. We stopped at a Gas station on our way to get some food because in the Warehouse was no cantina, so I got some food and we went on. We drove about 40 minutes to get to the Warehouse, as we arrived we met the Instructor there. We got the instructions what we had to do, Dell didn’t put any assets on the Computers Capita ordered, so employees from Capita had to do it. We helped out there because there are way too many Computers to do it with only two people. The Computers where packed in boxes and we had to cut open the boxes and scan it and put asset tags on the Computers. At first it was very annoying to do it fast but it only took me some time to find out my own technic. We did a break around 11:30 and after that we went on putting asset tags on the Computers. At around 1:30 we drove back to Capita and worked there again in our departments, I had to repair some Laptops.