Printing and explorering

Today, on friday we hadn’t much to do except for the 3D printer. This time I printed a mobile phone holder for my OnePlusTwo. After the printing that lasted five hours I painted the whole holder silver except for the logo. This I painted green and black. The result isn’t what I excpected but it’s ok.

After break we went off with our boss Robin and our colleague Gareth, to find the blacksmith on our property. This was also the first time for our colleagues to explore the plot. We past some old barns and huts and even some cows, goats, sheeps, donkeys and other animals. Altough the property is darn big, we found the house from the blacksmith. Unfortunately, he wasn’t there so we looked couriously through the windows and saw some swords. Very beautiful!

And this was all for the day. Later I’m going to sleep early because tomorrow me and some other member from my educational year will drive to Dublin.

For translation in german and better quality of the pictures, click here