A day with BINGO

The week looked normal but the special day was the Thursday. We got an Invitation to the Bingo night from Intern Europe.

The day began as a normal day. At the end of the work day I got a big task from my boss. He wanted me to repair a HP Microserver. He told me three engineers couldn’t repair this NAS (Microserver). On the next day I tried to fix this server the whole time. At first I thought it was a driver or BIOS problem. He didn’t accept any hard drives. From the hard drives leads one cable to the mainboard. And this cable was not solidly plugged into the socket. I put it in and heard a *click. Now I knew what happened. I tried to install the free NAS system for a test. After I set the permissions I told the boss about it and got props from the full team.

But back to the bingo Thursday. On my way back from work I bought two new cards for the bus. I bought a two week ticket and a one week ticket. At home I ate something and then we started our way to the Bingo location. Dominik and I met up with Phillip and together we went to the „The Parlour “-bar.

The night started with a free drink and obviously the Germans were the first ones to arrive and too early. We spoke to a woman from Intern Europe and she came from Germany. We weren’t really surprised. At first we had to play a game and search for people with specific properties. After we played this little game we started with BINGO. Dominik and Phillip won two times. We (Marie and myself) won two times too but we were not loud enough and too far away from the bingo drum. Or the jury was rigged. The Bingo day ended and I think it was an interesting experience.

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Regards Max