It’s slowly coming to an end

This week, there was nothing really special to mention until now. I set up a few Computers, a new user and so on and so forth. The basic stuff.

And yet it somehow feels different now that we are only a few weeks away from going back to Berlin. I cannot really describe it, but my thoughts are torn in two.

On the one hand I like it here quite much, the people I work with, the people i meet in my everyday life, even the weather was nice the last few days.

But on the other hand, there are so many tings I appreciate much more now. The very basic thing I miss the most is a typical breakfast I have with my mom every weekend. Just buns, eggs, some tomatoes. You know what I mean.

Some other thing is for example going shopping once a week for everything we need in our everyday life. Right now I walk to the Tesco about every three or four days, to get something to eat, which is not that bad. But still, going only once a week saves another couple of minutes I could use to relax a bit. Not that I am stressed out or anything. I just like to relax no matter when.

This article is not related to work at all. I am completely aware of that, but I think that we should also write about our impressions while living here.