A Packed Day

On Saturday I woke up about 9 am to get ready because I had to get to the Hotel again where my parents were. So I took the bus about 10:48 in front of our house so I could be there early because we went to the St. Georges Market which was opened at 9 am to 3 pm. As I got in front of their Hotel I waited for my parents so we could walk to the Market. The Market was about 900m away from the Hotel so we could walk there easily. When we arrived I was quite surprised that the Market was smaller than I thought of. In the Market there were really cool stalls with food, paintings or even clothes. Some of the stalls had some watches, jewellery, the people there were very friendly. I smelled some fresh fruits and I was wondering where that comes from and I saw a stall with smoothies and other drinks so I bought a smoothie with fresh fruits which was delicious. I finally got to the stall from a colleague of mine, he sold really good Tea so a bought 3 Tea´s, one called Turkish delight the other ones are called Tango Mango and Goji Berry. After we went through the whole Market we decided to go back to the Hotel to drop everything we bought in the Hotel room. We ordered Tickets for the Hop on Hop of sightseeing tour. Badly we didn’t get the first bus so we had to wait about 30 minutes.  There were many things to see on the bus tour, at the City Centre I got of and went home.