Well, some of you may have noticed from my previous blogposts that sports and food play a huge role in my life. And as I’ve mentioned already before, that I’m homesick constantly, the best medicine against it are sports and cooking in my case. For me it’s like meditation and being active at the same time.

You’re just doing it without thinking about anything specific like most of the times. This frees my mind a lot while creating something really nice at the same time. I recognized that cooking is the same with pretty anything else you do – the more you keep on practicing, the better you’re going to be at it! I’ve been cooking since I’m 11 years old. It took me alone only about 2-3 years to get the right feeling of seasoning and cooking different kind of ingredients, like vegetables, rice, all varies of eggs etc. (yeah, you shouldn’t underrate it).

So I ended up with cooking a lot and daily during my stay in Belfast and I really enjoyed creating new dishes by my own. I’m impressed of the diversity of food, which the biggest and most leading supermarket chain in Northern Ireland, called „Tesco“, offers (especially the superstores, which one of them is located just around the corner of my accommodation). They’re selling way more different types of vegetables and fruits as back in Germany. It’s comparable to „Metro“, which is only available for people of the caterer sector though. Healthy cooking and eating is made very easily over here because you get tons of pre whittled vegetables and even meat everywhere, which makes cooking way more easier and time-saving. But still it seems like the people over paying not enough attention to their nutrition obviously because the amount of overweight people is much higher compared to Germany. I just realized that Germans have a much better food culture as the people in UK and are more aware about the facts of nutrition and health in general (this can be measured by the number of bicyclists and joggers as well).

Here are some of my latest creations to finish this blogpost, before I end up like an annoying nutrition guide: