Repair some tablets

Today it was time to repair some tablets in the workshop. I had to take them apart . It isn’t really easy because sometimes you can’t see every screw or they are hidden behind some protection. But finally I found every screw and decomposed the tablet. The task was to replace the connection between the tablet and the keyboard because it was badly damaged. We got the needed parts out of the warehouse and began to replace the old one with the new. At the end, I plugged back all cables were they belonged to. Then I connected the power cable with the motherboard. I was wondering if I had plugged in the cable on the right side. Luckily I had asked. It was on the wrong side. I could have fried the motherboard. After that a metal plate was screwed on the back. I had to mount everything where it was before. It was really hard to see where the screws belonged before. Sometimes there had been missing screws since building in the factory. But luckily I screwed back everything and the tablet worked again. It seems that it is really easy to repair a tablet or laptop. You only need the parts to replace. The hardest part to replace is the motherboard. You have to take out every screw to reach it. If some screws would fall on the floor you can’t find them anymore because they are so small. There was also a tablet which had a water damage. It was quite interesting where the fluid came in and what got fried because of the electrical shortcut. Then it was time to test the finished tablets. Everything worked like it should. Afterwards it was time to go home again.