Security issues and the workshop

On Monday I went to Gareth to ask him what he has done at the weekend and if he had won at a game that we both play. He told me instead that there is a problem. I had given him my certificate of good conduct some days ago because a other group of CAPITA needed it for the background check to work with customer data. They tried to translate the German certificate of good conduct. The Security group and Gareth had no problem because they had seen the certificate and everything was good. But the boss of Gareth told him that this is not enough proof. They also couldn’t get a certificate of good conduct from the police in Belfast because they have no data about me. That is the reason why I didn’t do data restores anymore or allocates tickets to other persons. I was moved to the workshop where Jamie also is. My task is it to check the fault of computers that a technician had documented, when he took the computers to CAPITA. The first thing what I always do is to blow out the computer with compressed air, to get rid of the dust. Most of the computer had been repaired by me because we have the items that where needed to repair the equipment in the warehouse. But sometimes the items that were needed aren’t in stock anymore and must be bought again. So we had to wait. After the computer had been repaired we had to fill out a document which parts has been replaced and if the computer works again or not. Then we moved the Computers back to the warehouse. Later a technician will transport them to the school where they belong.