Let’s go to the gym (Do you even lift?)

Pegah already said it in one of her most recent articles: There is not much to do during the week, after work. Of course there is always the option to relax at home, but doing sport can also be a good way to take your mind off things. I’m regularly visiting a gym back in Berlin and when Pegah told me about PureGym in Belfast I was on board right away. Over these past weeks I lost my confidence in my sportiness. These half-an-hour-classes at PureGym made me lose my stable stance (I got used to sore legs by now) and my pride.

Working with the training equipment in the gym isn’t a problem, mainly because I only use a few familiar machines. But I wanted to do more than that, and the most fitting class for me seemed to be „Pure Legs, Bums & Tums“. It sounds like a course I have back in Germany. Always stick to what you know about. At least when it’s about sport in a foreign country. Too bad this self-made advice didn’t help me. The course was hell after merely keeping up the first 10 minutes. I continued doing it, and yesterday was the first day I could finally say „It didn’t hurt that bad.“

This may seem weird, but one of the first things I missed from back in Germany was my Zumba class. It’s so fun, that it doesn’t even feel like it’s a proper fitness training. They offer a Zumba class here too, but it’s significantly less amusing. Maybe it’s because the music is too quiet. You really have to get into the music in order to let oneself go. Anyway, my German Zumba class is just 11 days away. I am hyped.

Inside PureGym
Entering PureGym







The exterior design and the admission to PureGym are also worth telling about. PureGym has two offspring in Belfast. One is located at St. Anna’s Square (I am training at this gym), the other one on Adelaide Street. Pegah visited both of them and told me that the equipment is very similar, the only difference is the course program. The access of the gym requires an Access Code, an eight digit number. You have to type it on a key pad in order to get through a double door system. The controversial issue regarding this security mechanism is, that every visit (arrival + departure) is recorded. On the one hand it’s very comfortable to look up your data, your athletic achievement stored in numbers. On the other hand, giving away personal information is always dangerous or at least noisy. PureGym already sent me a ton of spam emails, which could potentially be specifically tailored for my persona. I wouldn’t know, I deleted them the second I saw them.

So, do you even lift? I don’t. Because If I would, my arms would be as sore as my legs. And I might not need my legs for my everyday life, but I do need these arms. At the very least to write the two last blog entries.

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