Giant’s Causeway tour

On Saturday we have done the Giant’s Causeway tour. It was a really beautiful day, perfect for a longer trip. We booked a tour online that goes around the coast of Belfast.  The first stop was Bushmills. But not for the Bushmills Whiskey distillery. The bus driver made a stop, so that everybody could go to the toilet before we continued our trip to the Giant’s Causeway.  It was really interesting how the stones were formed and how the whole area looked like. We spent about two hours there and then we moved back to the bus. The next stop was the Bushmills Whiskey distillery. The grant to distil was signed in 1608 by King James 1st. It was quite interesting in the distellery. Everywhere was the smell of Whiskey in the air.Forty five minutes later,we went to the Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge. We decided not to go over the bridge because it cost an extra about seven pound and we weren’t interested in it. But  the landscape around it was absolutely stunning. The water shimmered in a mixture of blue and turquoise. It was also unbelievable clear.  We enjoyed it and went back to the bus after we finished our tour. After that it was time to get home again. The bus driver went down to Belfast along the coast and we made some stops again. There we bought ice cream with Irish Honeycomb Candy. It tasted really delicious and was great. Unfortunately the ice cream was too tasty, so I bought another one, this time a larger cup of it.  Hopefully I will not arrive in Berlin with 10 more kilo. The last stop was Carrickfergus. After taking som pictures of the castle, we returned to the bus. It was about 7 PM as we arrived. I went home to rest a little bit but I felt bored and decided to go to a pub again to find some local people to chat. In the pub it was really crowded again, luckily I saw some free space where a couple was sitting. I asked them politely If I am allowed to join their table.They agreed and I sat down. Our conversation was free-flowing and very interesting. We had a nice evening together.Here in Belfast I have started to enjoy every opportunity to talk English. At 2 AM they closed the pup. Happy but pretty tired I went back home.