it’s the final countdown

Well, the last week is about to begin and the closer I get to going back to Germany the more I think about what I miss and where I would like to live in my future.

Well of course I miss my family, but not as much as others maybe, because I had a visit. The next thing would be my stuff I got at home, that I do miss somehow. It’s just me who got used to all the things I have and use every day. There is a saying: you don’t miss what you don’t have, and if you turn it around you do miss the things that you had and don’t have later on.

Anyway, since it’s the last week we start to finalize all projects we had here and so the day passed a bit slower than usual.

Tomorrow will be our last meeting with the agencyand I hope everything will go accorting to plan, because I have heard some stories from the others in my goup that show the exact opposite.

Another point I need to think about is packing my clothes back to my luggage. That is quite much and I have no clue how I will be able to stuf it all in. Non the less I am quite happy to get back to Berlin. This is where I was born, raised and this is where I feel most comfortable in.