Belfast City Hall

Yesterday was a very cloudy day with a lot of rain. Our plan to go to the zoo was unfortunately cancelled. I met with Konrad and bought a daily deal at the St. Georg’s Market. We had seen that offer last week. We got Steaks, Chicken, Pork, Steak burger and spicy meet balls for only 20£. „Belfast City Hall“ weiterlesen

Out of Capita with a technician

Today was the first time I went outside with a technician from CAPITA. If the guys from the tier one and tier two team can’t solve the problem because it is a Hardware Issue (failed switch or power cable for example) a technician has to come to the schools. The first school was we visited, was a primary school which had a faulty switch that doesn’t worked anymore. „Out of Capita with a technician“ weiterlesen

Introduction into data security

Yesterday it was a quite morning at CAPITA. I talked with colleagues until Roy arrived and told me he had something that I had to do before I can edit data restore tickets. At Capita they place great value on data protection. He showed me an eLearning portal where I can get through CAPITA’s data „Introduction into data security“ weiterlesen

St. Georg’s Market

This was our first weekend and we decided to visit the St. Georg’s Market. Built between 1890 and 1896, it is one of Belfast’s oldest attractions. Market stalls sell a diverse range of products from fish, to antiques and fresh fruit. We planned to get there at one o’ clock AM. Some colleagues at CAPITA told me some musts to see there. My supervisor owns a stand and sells tea. When we arrived at the „St. Georg’s Market“ weiterlesen

Goodbye Berlin and Hello Belfast

It was an exciting day which has started at 7:30 AM at the airport Schönefeld.
As usual I was very early and have waited for the others. After we checked in our luggage we went through the security check and searched the gate of our departure. Everything went really fast. It took the plane about „Goodbye Berlin and Hello Belfast“ weiterlesen