Out of Capita with a technician

Today was the first time I went outside with a technician from CAPITA. If the guys from the tier one and tier two team can’t solve the problem because it is a Hardware Issue (failed switch or power cable for example) a technician has to come to the schools. The first school was we visited, was a primary school which had a faulty switch that doesn’t worked anymore. The reason for the fault was a power cut a week ago which fried the switch. I was really helpful for Jim because he had to take out the old switch and replace it with a new one. So he needed a third helpful hand. The second school was also a primary school where a teacher had a problem with laptops. No login was possible anymore. The problems were solved really fast and it was time to get to a girls school. In Belfast there schools only for girls and others only for boys. But they become less. Our task was to repair some faulty monitors. We got into the school and it was just a break for the schoolgirls. It was hard to get inside the classroom because many girls where talking in the hallway and waited for the next lesson to start. We replaced the faulty monitor and leaved the school. Our last task was to replace a faulty power cable of a wireless access point. I got a good view off the Belfast Landscape because we had a long way to the other school. After we had finished our work it was time to get home.